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What treatments can be used for syringoma?

Advanced Electrolysis

Syringomas can be easily removed using a technique called Advanced Electrolysis. This method is less invasive than the surgical excision and rarely leaves a scar. It uses a fine probe (needle) which emits a current (heat). The probe is used to lift the syringoma from the skin or gently inserting the probe into the syringoma to cauterize it in situ. This is depending on the size and location of the syringoma.

Immediately after the procedure the treated area looks white and the area can be red and sometimes inflamed. A scab will form over the area during the next 48 hours. The scab will last approximately 5-7 days although this does depend on the patient’s own healing time.

Vicki Smith of Absolute Aesthetics removing skin lesion using advanced electrolysisAssuming the scab is not removed before it naturally comes a way little marking should remain. Sometimes more than one treatment is required but this will be advised by your practitioner at the time of consultation.

Simple aftercare advice is given post procedure to advise on how to treat the area to give the optimum result.


This involves the use of liquid nitrogen (freezing agent) being sprayed onto the syringoma to freeze and destroy the cells. This treatment should be undertaken by a qualified clinician (GP, Dermatologist etc.).

The procedure itself is very quick and takes about 10-30 seconds depending on the size of the syringoma being treated. Most spots or areas treated respond after one procedure but the number of sessions will vary depending on the areas and numbers of syringomas to be treated. The procedure itself can be uncomfortable although this does vary according to the area.

Cryotherapy can be used to remove syringoma at Absolute AestheticsPost procedure a sore blister usually forms followed by a scab which will fall off approximately 7-10 days post treatment. Sometimes a white mark can remain on the skin after the scab has come away; this is common on Caucasian skin.

Surgical Excision

In most cases this method of removal is not recommended for treating syringoma, because of the high risks of scarring. If surgical excision is used or recommended it is normally done under local anaesthetic and stitches are often required. As such the healing time and recovery is longer.

Laser (Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Erbium (ER:Yag))
It is becoming increasingly clear with recent research that laser is an effective treatment for the removal of syringoma. The type of laser that has been used for this treatment is a CO2 or Erbium laser.

The pulses of the laser energy are fired at the syringoma, removing the syringoma from the surface of the skin. Recent research has also shown that this can be an effective treatment with less risk of a scar when compared to the traditional methods of removal such as surgical excision.



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